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  • Hampshire Align Programme

    There is no charge for receiving the ECF through Hampshire Align. You will confirm programme participation (with Hampshire and Ambition) to the DfE. The HIAS delivery cost will be reimbursed directly to Hampshire from Ambition
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    How to register your Early Career Teachers for 2022-24
    ECF programme roles and responsibilities
    Role briefing videos
    Programme delivery information
    ECT Align 2021-23 Year 2 programme overview 
    ECT Align 2022-24 Year programme overview
    General FAQs - updated July 2022

    ECT Align registration troubleshooting guide - September 2022

    ECT Align newsletters

    ECT Align 2021-23 resources



    ECT Align 2022-24 resources



    • School Leader briefings - July 2022

      If you missed our July briefings for school leaders involved in supporting ECTs, you can listen to the recorded sessions via the links below. 

    • Registering your Early Career Teachers 2022-24

      Our Early Career Teachers (ECTs) starting in our schools in September 2022 will be the second cohort to have a two-year induction, receiving ongoing training and development meeting the Early Career Framework. Following extensive feedback, and continuing work by the DFE, there will be a streamlined process for registration this year. If you are using Hampshire as the Appropriate Body (Assure) and the fully funded package of training through Hampshire (Align), the process to be followed is detailed below. 

      What you need to do to register – please work through this checklist 
      1. Register your ECT with Hampshire on Indicate you are using Hampshire for ECT Align (ECF training) If you are a new school to the programme, we will pass your information to Ambition and the DfE. The DfE will contact you and ask you to accept the partnership with Ambition. 
      2. Register your ECT and mentor with the DfE Manage training for early career teachers service
      • The ECT Co-ordinator will confirm the provider and delivery partner (if registered on the 2021-2023 ECF programme)
      • The ECT Co-ordinator will provide: first name, surname, email address, induction start date, teacher reference number (TRN) and date of birth (DOB). TRN and DOB can be entered directly by the ECT or mentor if necessary
      • The DfE will share these details with Ambition
      The DfE will contact schools during the summer term and ask them to identify which Appropriate Body they are using.
      3. The ECT Co-ordinator will confirm their details with the Hampshire Align team via this form. The Hampshire Align team will share these details with Ambition

      4. Ensure is not blocked by your school email server to ensure delegates receive registration information and notifications from Ambition 
      5. All delegates to respond to the email received from Ambition and complete the registration and onboarding process.
      It is really important that all steps of the process are fully completed to ensure your ECT and their mentor are ready to start their assessment and training and development in September.

      • Roles and responsibilities

        To help you when assigning roles for the programme this year, here is a quick reminder of the expectations and responsibilities of each.  Please note: ECT and mentors must be registered with the DfE Manage training for early career teachers portal
        ECT Coordinator
        Coordinates the ECF programme, assigns mentors to ECTs on Ambition portal and oversees Steplab. ECT Coordinator needs to provide their details to the ECT Align team ( who will register them with Ambition.
        Provides weekly instructional coaching cycle, recording action steps on Steplab. Works collaboratively with the ECT and other colleagues to ensure the ECT receives a high-quality ECF based induction programme. 

        IMPORTANT:   Registration and onboarding with Ambition MUST be completed by the Coordinator, Mentor and ECT.

        Induction Tutor
        Carries out regular progress reviews, completes the formal assessments during the induction period, shares information with the Appropriate Body through ECT Manager. This role is not part of the Align programme and does not need to be registered with the DfE or Ambition.
        • Programme delivery information

          The two year programme comprises:
          • 3 x conferences (venue based and virtual)
          • 6 x one hour online clinics.

          The two year programme comprises:
          • 2 x conferences (venue based and virtual)
          • 3 x one hour online clinics
          • 3 x one hour coaching sessions
          • Participant information - ECT Align 2021-23

            ECT Align 2021-23 Year 2 Programme Overview

            • Participant information - ECT Align 2022-24

              ECT Align 2022-24 Programme Overview