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  • FAQs and contact details

    We included below answers to some frequently asked questions. If you still need help, please use the contact details at the end of this section.
    I haven’t received my welcome email
    Please contact and they will be able to help.

    I can’t access Steplab
    Please contact and they will be able to help.

    We are a federated school, where should we register our ECT?

    Please register your ECT at the school where they will be working.
    Our mentor cannot see their ECT
    The Coordinator needs to manually assign the mentor to the ECT on Steplab. Coordinators can find guidance on how to do this in the Support area of Steplab. 
    How do we change one of our mentors?
    If you need to change mentor, please email us at so that we are able to update our records. To register the replacement mentor with Ambition, please add them to the DfE Manage training for early career teachers portal. The DfE will then share this information directly with Ambition. Once registered and onboarded, the new mentor will be allocated to all upcoming events. Your Coordinator will also need to assign the new mentor to the ECT. Please also update the record on ECT Manager.
    I can’t attend my allocated event.
    Please contact us on and we will endeavour to find a suitable alternative event.

    Where do I find my event details?
    All event information, including any joining links and workbook links, is available through the Events tab on My Ambition.

    I have not received my joining link
    All event information, including the joining link, is available through the Events tab on My Ambition.
    My event should have started but I have not been let in?
    The event lead knows that you are waiting and will let you into the meeting as soon as they are ready.

    Can I be signed off early?
    Please discuss this with your Induction Tutor as they will be able to tell you if this is suitable. Please also refer to the ECT handbook (which you can find on ECT manager) and the pages 27-28 of the DfE’s Statutory Induction Guidance 2018 ( (in effect from Sep 2021). Further queries should be directed to

    Need help/advice?
    If you have a query relating to progress reviews, please contact
    If you have a query regarding ECT Manager, please contact
    If you have a query regarding the Align programme, please contact

    If you have any queries regarding training events on the Advance programme, please contact