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    Whilst Hampshire is no longer able to act as Appropriate Body for new ECTs from September 2023, we are continuing our partnership with Ambition Institute and continue to offer ECT Align for the next cohort of ECTs – ECT Align 2023-25.

    If you wish to register your new ECTs with us, please complete the following steps.

    1)    Complete this form to advise us that you wish to sign your school up to the ECT Align 2023-25 programme

    If you have any ECTs joining your school in the second year of their ECF training (ECT Align 2022-24), please use this form to provide us with their details

    Ambition will send a partnership agreement to the registered Induction Tutor - please ensure this is accepted

     2)    Register your Induction Tutor on the DfE Manage training for early career teachers service if not already registered

     3)    Register your ECT with an Appropriate Body

     4)    Register your ECT and mentor on the DfE Manage training for early career teachers service 

    Provider: Ambition Institute

    Delivery Partner: Hampshire Local Authority

    Please ensure you have all required information before registration (first name, surname, email address, induction start date, teacher reference number (TRN) and date of birth

     5)    On the DfE service, assign a mentor to your ECT

     6)    Ensure is not blocked by your school email server to ensure delegates receive registration information and notifications from Ambition

     7)    All delegates to action the welcome email received from Ambition and complete the registration and onboarding process, including Steplab Access Form

    It is really important that all steps of the process are fully completed in order to ensure that ECTs and mentors are ready to start their programme in September.  

    We know that the registration process has lots of steps so we hope that this flowchart helps make the process clearer. 

    Please also use our 'step by step' guides to various aspects of the registration process which we hope will answer any queries. 

    If you have any difficulty using the DfE Manage training for early career teachers service, please contact the DfE on and they will be able to help.

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