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  • HIAS meeting room information & booking guidance

    How to book the meeting room
    Please complete the Curriculum Centre training room booking form for ALL new bookings. This is important to ensure that bookings are added to the shared calendar and that we have all the required information up front regarding audience, attendee numbers, meeting timings, presenter contact, refreshments, dietary and other special requirements.


    • As this room is on the first floor with no lift access, please ensure that there are no access issues for any invited meeting attendees.
    • Please ensure that you check the shared Curriculum Centre training room Outlook calendar before submitting your booking to ensure that the room is available. To do this in Outlook click From Address Book, then search for HIAS Curriculum Centre Room in the search box and add it.
    • If you want to hold a Learning Zone course in the Curriculum Centre Meeting room, it is essential to check the room availability before submitting the new LI request form so that the agreed room hire rates can be costed in to the course at the outset.
    • Booking requests will be confirmed by our team.
    • There is no charge for using this room if you are holding an internal or HIAS hosted meeting.
    • HIAS booking requests will take priority, however we will consider bookings from other departments within E&I that wish to use the meeting space – a small charge will be made for this hire to cover our costs (details are on the booking form).

    Accessing the Meeting room

    • We are still awaiting new signage to the Curriculum Centres building (Block D). Once this is in place, it should be far more obvious how to access the building from the main car park.
    • In the meantime, please share the access map below with any school or invited visitors to HIAS hosted meetings to ensure that they park in the right place and do not press the Music Service entry buzzer at Falcon House. 
    • You currently still need to use your old Clarendon Block pass to enter D Block. We are waiting for the door sensors to be changed over which should happen shortly, after which you will be able to use your main HCC ID badge to open the door.
    • For non HCC visitors, please ensure that someone is available to let them in to the building if possible, especially for large meetings (our team will take responsibility for this when it is a Learning Zone course). There is also a buzzer on the door which the Curriculum Centre team will answer if needed, but please avoid people ringing this too much, so as not to inconvenience them.

    Meeting room set up

    • Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate any special room set ups. The standard room set up as 5 large tables, each with 8 chairs, however you are welcome to reconfigure the tables and seating yourselves  to suit your meeting. Please can you just ensure that the tables/chairs are returned to the standard set up before you leave.
    • Please ensure that the room has been tidied before you leave and check that no paper/resources have been left on the tables.

    AV equipment

    • In the event of any issues with the AV equipment in the meeting room, please seek help/advice from one of the Admin support team in the first instance. If nobody is available to help, contact the Clarendon Site FM Office reception on 07784 263665
    • We will produce a laminated sign with this information which will be placed by the projector

    Fire Assembly Point

    • When you are running a HIAS hosted meeting, please ensure that you advise delegates of the fire assembly point at the beginning of the meeting in the event that the fire alarm should go off.
    • The exit route is down the stairs and straight out the fire exit door at the bottom on the right (outside the toilets). The assembly point is on the gravel car park (where the Maths Centre used to be).
    • We will produce a laminated sign displaying this information which will be placed in the meeting room. 


    • There are two Unisex toilets on the ground floor. Where you have large meetings, delegates will also be able to use the toilets in Clarendon Block (E Block).
    • We have additional passes for E block so that presenters can hand them out to delegates at break times if you have large groups who need access to additional toilet facilities.


    For HIAS internal and HIAS hosted events

    • Presenters/hosts are responsible for any refreshment set up. If you are hosting a meeting and require assistance, please discuss your requirements with your Admin Support member beforehand.
    • Please note that the pre-filled cups and individual packs of biscuits are not available for these meetings (generally these are only used for meetings where we have paying delegates)
    • Please use the cups in the kitchen cupboards for tea/coffee. Tea bags, coffee sachets, sugar and limited mini long life milk cartons are available in the kitchen, but it is advisable to provide your own milk, especially for larger meetings, and please bring your own biscuits!
    • A fridge is available for milk – please remember to remove it after your meeting to avoid milk going out of date.
    • If you have a large group and the kettle is not adequate, you can use the urn in the room. This can be filled in situ using the water jugs and needs to be put on to boil approx. 30-40 mins before delegates arrive.
    • Water glasses and jugs are available for use. Jugs need to be filled from the water dispenser on the landing outside the room. Please let us know if the water dispenser is running low and we will ask FM to order new bottles.
    • If you have used it, please remember to turn the urn off at the end of the meeting. Please do not empty it when hot, this will be done when the water has cooled.
    • All cups, teaspoons and glasses need to be stacked in the dishwasher at the end of the meeting and the dishwasher should be switched on before you leave. Please do not leave any dirty crockery on the draining board. The dishwasher will be emptied before the next meeting.

    For Learning Zone courses

    • A member of our team will set up refreshments in advance, according to the start time and number of refreshment breaks you have specified on the booking form. The urn will be filled and switched on so that it has boiled in time.
    • Our team will also set out jugs of water and glasses on the tables
    • There are a selection of disposable In Cup drinks (black coffee, white coffee, Cappuccino, hot chocolate and tea), sugar sachets, stirrers and individually packed biscuits, so there is no need for milk or crockery.
    • Please remember to switch off the urn at the end of the meeting. Please do not empty it when hot, this will be done when the water has cooled.
    • Please ensure that all rubbish has been placed in the bin provided.
    • A member of our team will tidy any leftover refreshments away after the meeting.


    We are still hoping to appoint for a new position that will have responsibility for managing this meeting room. In the meantime, should you have any queries/feedback/suggestions please contact our team’s shared inbox