Topic outline

  • Teaching Assistant Review

    Teaching Assistants make up a significant proportion of the school workforce.  Research indicates that when deployed correctly TAs can make a big difference to outcomes of children and young people.

  • Information

    Drawing on the national research by UCL, the Education Endowment Fund and the formal Hampshire career structure for TAs, the Teaching Assistant review can support schools in ensuring their TAs are appropriately deployed by looking at:

    • The profile of the current teaching assistant structure in the school
    • The activities being undertaken by teachers and TAs during lessons
    • The profile of pupils being supported by teachers and TAs
    • The main roles undertaken by teachers and TAs during lessons
    • Perceptions of the confidence in TAs as effective practitioners
    • Impact of teachers and TAs on different groups of pupils
    • Communication systems between teachers and TAs
    • Roles of Teachers and TA in interventions, catch up sessions

    The review has five stages.

    • School requests a review and there is an initial discussion between the reviewer and SLT to determine specific focus.
    • School completes a self-evaluation of the current provision
    • Reviewer analyses the self-evaluation and visits the school to discuss findings of the self-evaluation and if necessary gather further information.
    • Findings are summarised for the school.
    • Any next steps are agreed and commissioned separately.  This might be the UCL licensed Maximising the Practice of TAs  (MPTA) training or a package tailored to the needs of the school if that is a better fit.

    Each review will be tailored to the requirements of the individual school and priced accordingly.  As a guide, the cost would be in the region of £1120.

    Contact Patricia Langley, School Workforce Adviser for an initial informal discussion. (07595 214848)