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    Get it Covered! Hints and tips for support staff who will be covering classes occasionally – 27/02/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_11921

    For support staff who may, under the direction of a qualified teacher, be required to cover whole classes occasionally. 

    Teaching Assistants’ Role in Promoting Pupil Learning Through Questioning – 28/02/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_11922

    Teaching Assistants come away with the confidence and skills to devise different forms of creative questions to suit the pupils and the work.

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) - Candidate Information Day – 04/03/19

    LMS Code: HLTA_09911

    This information day explains the process and eligibility criteria to become a Higher Level Teaching Assistant.

    Performance Management Skills for School Support Staff Reviewers – 07/03/19

    LMS Code: SNRL_11923

    This course will enable those identified as reviewers for support staff performance management to fulfil the role effectively.

    Teaching Assistants Working with Pupils who are Finding Reading Tricky – 08/03/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_00003

    Half day course for TAs working with pupils who are finding reading tricky in Foundation Stage/KS1/KS2.

    Constructive Communication- It's not so much what you say, but how you say it! – 14/03/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_11916

    The course explores effective communication, creating positive impressions and dealing with visitors, including difficult ones.

    Training for Support Staff in How to Manage Meetings – 18/03/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_11915

    A course aimed at those wishing to gain tips and pointers for managing meetings.

    Introduction to Supervisory Management for School Support Staff – 20/03/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_11919

    The results of a practical task will help delegates understand how their characteristics impact on their performance as a supervisor.

    High Quality Teaching and Learning Support for Students with SLCN in the Secondary classroom – 01/04/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_00005

    Exploring the barriers pupils face during Secondary school day, the processes involved in how language works and what do we mean by SLCN.

    Di’s Story: How a newly appointed TA learned to provide effective support for a pupil with Downs Syndrome – 03/04/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_11929

    Half day workshop showcasing the work undertaken in a primary school as a newly appointed TA learned to provide effective support for a pupil with Downs Syndrome.

    Advanced questioning for HLTAs in KS1 or KS2 – 25/04/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_00007

    A half day course for HLTAs working in KS1 or KS2 who wish to further enhance their questioning practice.

    Fostering Independence for children with SEND – 26/04/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_00001

    A one day course for Primary Teaching Assistants who work alongside children on a one-to-one basis or with a small group of children with special educational needs delivering structured interventions.

    The real life writing journey from simple marks to recognisable letters and sentences in Yr R – 30/04/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_00002

    A one day course for Teaching Assistants working in Year R.

    Supporting Behaviour for Learning for Teaching Assistants - 01/05/19

    LMS Code: PRSK_11925

    Aimed at a cross phase audience it covers the importance of understanding the key principles of behaviour and how as adults we can manage our reactions to children’s behaviour to ensure positive outcomes.             .

    Supporting children on the autistic spectrum in a mainstream classroom – 02/05/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_00006

    Half day course for Primary Teaching Assistants who are new to supporting children on the autistic spectrum in a mainstream classroom.

    The importance of learning through play in Year R – 08/05/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_00004

    One day course for Teaching Assistants who are new to working in the Foundation Stage/Year R.

    Teaching Assistant training in Personal and Social Learning – 09/05/19

    LMS Code: SCSP_00008

    A half day workshop for TAs in personal and social aspects of learning in infant classrooms.

    A half day in Abbotswood School looking at AFL and the teaching method Discuss, Model and Apply

    LMS Code: SCSP_00009

    A training morning for Teaching Assistants to learn about Assessment for Learning and the teaching method call Discuss, Model and Apply.

    Induction Course for Primary Teaching Assistants (6 days) – date tbc

    LMS Code: SCSP_11920

    Learn how to be effective in supporting the teaching of core subjects, pupils with SEND and questioning

    Managing Teaching Assistants – dates tbc

    LMS Code: SNRL_11918

    Explores the impact of TAs and how teachers can make the most effective use of them in the classroom.