Topic outline

  • Maximising the Practice of Teaching Assistants

  • UCL Institute for Education training for TAs and teachers: Maximising the practice of teaching assistants (MPTA)

    Patricia Langley, School Workforce Adviser, has been licenced by the Centre for Inclusive Education UCL Institute of Education to deliver the MPTA programme.

    Under the terms of the licence training in schools should not be undertaken where the leadership have not yet attempted to address the wider issues of TA deployment and preparation. Before accepting a commission to deliver the training schools complete a MPTA Checklist to determine their readiness for the training.  If the checklist indicates schools are not yet ready they are offered support.

    It is recommended that a senior leader attends any training.  This helps the training to be embedded within the school and enables issues raised in relation to school processes to be noted and followed up.

    Training for TAs

    There are two options, core and extended.

    • Core (1 day) Effective interactions to support pupil independence.  Delivered as full day or two half day sessions.

    • Extended (1.5 days) Effective interactions to support pupil independence, gap tasks. Second session, review of gap tasks, delivering effective interventions, collaborative group work. 

    Training for Teachers  

    UCL recommend that this is delivered in a one half day session alongside the training for TAs. However it can also be shortened to a 1.5 hour session (twilight) if teachers are secure in their deployment of TAs.

    Delivery Models

    There are a variety of delivery models to accommodate school needs and allow for collaboration between schools to share costs.  Schools should contact Patricia Langley 07595 214848 in the first instance to discuss their requirements.