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  • Hampshire School’s Apprenticeship Programme

  • Info

    The apprenticeship levy is managed by Hampshire Futures, Children’s services (Education and Inclusion). It requires a proportional contribution across corporate departments and schools where HCC is the employer. There is a single HCC account which is operated by Hampshire Futures. Community and Voluntary controlled schools (where HCC is the employer) are in scope for the levy.

    Foundation, Trust, Voluntary Aided and Academy Schools (including MATS) will be in scope if they have a pay bill of more than £3m total and will have their own digital account.

    • Training Support

      The Hampshire Levy Team is working with providers to develop a suite of apprenticeships to offer to schools in scope for the HCC levy.  These apprenticeships range from Level 2 to Level 7 and will support Teaching Assistants, Facilities Staff, School Business Managers , Teachers and Head Teachers amongst others.

      • HCC Approach to Apprenticeships in Schools

        A schools project board has been convened and is the main conduit for discussions with schools about the developing offer.  Schools will be kept informed of developments via the school communications system and the communications link on the dedicated site.

        • The Hampshire Futures Apprenticeship for Schools Offer

          The directory will be constantly updated and regularly sent to schools in a format to enable it to be printed locally and will provide advice regarding potential providers locally. If you have a need for an apprenticeship that is not listed in the Schools Directory please contact who will assist you in finding alternative provision where possible.

          Schools can find the latest version of the Schools Directory on the Hampshire schools apprenticeship website.