Topic outline

  • Performance Management

    The Individual Performance Planning process (IPP) applies to all support staff in maintained schools and children’s centres. This process also applies to staff who transferred under TUPE from a school to an Academy school, unless and until negotiations are undertaken with the school’s negotiating body to apply an alternative mechanism to assess performance. An Academy school can apply alternative arrangements to support staff appointed since the school became an Academy.

    The IPP process involves three separate but related stages:

    • The setting of initial targets/job standards for the forthcoming performance year and any learning and development needs. (For certain categories of employee, generic standards rather than individual targets may be more appropriate. This could apply to cleaners or lunchtime supervisory assistants for example.)

    • Ongoing and interim review of progress against targets set (with at least one interim review halfway through the year)

    • An end of year appraisal to review and assess achievement against targets/standards and setting of targets for the forthcoming year.

    Ratings are awarded as a result of the IPP process, to take effect from April each year. When schools choose to undertake their final IPP review is up to them, however there must be data ready to enter into SAP in December of each year ready to take effect in April.

    IPP affords a valuable opportunity to link the key priorities  of the school improvement plan to the key duties of the support staff roles profiles and  the unique aptitudes, knowledge and skills of the individual member of support staff.

    HTLC officer a course for reviewers,  Performance Management Skills for School Support Staff Reviewers.  This half-day training enables staff who will be conducting reviews of other support staff to identify and develop the skills they will need to do this effectively. Delivered by highly experienced practitioners this practical course affords a safe environment in which to explore and rehearse the skills required to conduct a meaningful review meeting.  Search The Learning Zone for details.  

    Click here for templates of the current Hampshire County Council performance management process for support staff in schools.