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  • HLTA Status

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant status is achieved by undergoing a 3 day preparation for assessment course delivered by an approved Provider of Preparation (e.g. Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College), followed by assessment by a Regional Provider from the HLTA National Assessment Partnership. 

    There are eligibility criteria and an application process for the three day course.  Participants must have specified level 2 qualifications in literacy and numeracy and be able to write about how they have worked during the past year; on a one-to-one basis, with a small group and with the whole class (the latter without a teacher present).

    HTLC offer an information day to support applicants in determining their readiness before applying. The information day is not mandatory but is highly recommended as it ensures applicants are making a fully informed choice when they apply.  The information course explains the HLTA standards and process. Delegates complete a self-analysis to establish if they are ready for the 3-day course. Candidates who discover they are not yet ready eave with a detailed action plan to enable them to develop the skills and experience they need.  

    For booking information and intake dates, visit our HLTA web page here.

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