Topic outline

  • Our Consultancy Services

    HIAS offers a wide range of high-quality services to support schools and help raise outcomes for learners, both academically, and in wider life choices.

    We have a proven track record in school improvement. Our multi-disciplinary team of inspectors/advisers brings a wealth of experience and expertise. We can work with you individually or collectively, as a whole school, or in local networks. Our service can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, ensuring a personalised approach and a best value solution.

    For further details on the full range of services available and to find out more about how Hampshire Inspection and Advisory team can help you, please visit our website or contact: Eric Halton, County Manager, Professional Learning Tel: 01962 874820 or email:

  • School-Based Training Catalogue - coming soon!

    We are currently compiling a catalogue of learning available so school leaders can review the range of professional themes that could form part of your training and development plan for the use of part day sessions, whole days or sequences of workshops. These could be for individuals, small or whole staff groups, or groups of schools. Our skilled inspector/adviser team cover all aspects of leadership, curriculum and teaching in addition to specific education matters and issues. Our work is informed through our day to day contact with the best thinking in schools and colleges and therefore focuses on practices that work. It is also underpinned by our research and development in wider contexts. We are confident that we can meet your needs, and if not, then can perhaps signpost you to someone who can. We would be pleased to listen to your ideas and will help you wherever we can with good value solutions. We know impact matters to you as much as it matters to us.  For further info or enquires about school-based training, please contact and we will put one of our inspectors in touch with you. 
    • Whole school review/school improvement

      • Leadership and Learning Quality Review (LLQR)
      • Bespoke consultancy in all areas of school effectiveness
      • Ofsted Support

        • Preparation for and follow-up to Ofsted inspection
        • Support for good self-evaluation

        • Staff development and high quality training for:

          • Senior and middle leaders
          • Curriculum leads
          • Teachers at all career stages
          • SEND and pupil premium
          • Support staff roles
          • Tackling whole school issues

          • Practical Teaching and Learning support for schools

            The Teaching and Learning team can provide tailored support for individual or groups of schools.  Leading teachers and advisers can work with a range of teachers at different points in their career, helping them to improve their planning and teaching skills.  The practical support is always based around the classroom and will include personalised, tailored support, appropriate to the needs of the teachers or schools.  The model is based on a ‘plan, do, review’ approach to teaching and learning and can include observation, personal target setting with areas given to improve, planning, demonstration of lessons and team teaching. The model is class-based and centred on impact within the classroom.   We can provide a series of visits, one-off visits or staff meeting support.  

            Support can include:

            • Behaviour and classroom management

            • Planning across a range of Primary subjects

            • Planning learning journeys

            • Curriculum support

            • Lesson structures

            • Assessment in lessons

            • Clarity of learning objectives

            • Modelling

            • Varied task design

            • Supporting the different needs within the classroom

            • LSA training

            • Coaching middle leaders to disseminate best practice

            • Challenging higher attainers

            • Enhancing the learning environment

            • Books and marking

            • Workshops for groups of teachers
            • Curriculum support and development

              • Access to expert advice and up to date teaching and reference materials through our History, RE, RADE and Maths Curriculum Resource Centres
              • Curriculum updates - bi-annual bulletins in 15 subjects/areas, offering news, views and advice
              • Curriculum websites and Moodles

              • Teaching and learning support

                • Primary and secondary phase support
                • Subject specific support
                • Personal and Development Learning (PDL) covering all aspects of health and wellbeing
                • Behaviour and attendance
                • Inclusion

                • Support for vulnerable children

                  • SEND, Children in Care, pupil premium
                  • Improving outcomes for pupils from Black, Minority Ethnic and Gypsy Roma and Traveller backgrounds

                  • Senior leader appointments

                    • Support in the recruitment, appointment and induction of head teachers and other senior and middle managers
                    • Support for head teacher performance reviews